4 Smart Reasons to Hire a Professional Gutter Cleaner


Gutter cleaning is a necessary step in good home maintenance. Free-flowing gutters make sure that your home is able to handle large amounts of water and direct it away before that water can cause damage to the exterior, foundation or surrounding landscaping. Regularly cleaning the gutter system also prevents clogs in the downspouts, which can lead to backed-up gutters and the growth of algae. For the best results, contract with a professional gutter cleaning service to care for your gutter and downspout system. Here’s why.

  1. Quick results. While some homeowners tackle gutter cleaning on their own, this is a time-consuming chore that can take hours to complete without the proper equipment. Gutter cleaning experts offer efficient, comprehensive gutter care in a fraction of the time.
  2. Accident prevention. Any chore that requires climbing a ladder is potentially hazardous to your safety, and gutter cleaning is no exception. If you are unaccustomed to maneuvering on a ladder for long stretches of time, you are at increased risk for a fall that could result in serious injury or even death. Professionals are used to working on ladders and the gear necessary to get the job done safely.
  3. Minor repairs. If your gutters need repairs, a professional should be able to assist with minor issues like caulking, bracket replacement or slope adjustment.
  4. Additional services. A professional gutter cleaning company may also offer other helpful services for your home, such as window washing, power washing or tree trimming.

Gutter cleaning is recommended twice per year, which can become a considerable maintenance expense. If you would like to permanently avoid the cost of hiring a gutter cleaning company, consider investing in the Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system. Gutter Helmet® installs right over your home’s existing gutters to keep leaves, needles and debris out year-round. Schedule a free estimate for America’s best gutter covers by calling (800) 916-7344 today!

Avoid the 5 Most Dangerous Gutter Cleaning Mistakes

Often the sight of people falling off of ladders, roofs and other high places is used as comedy on TV and in movies. Unfortunately, in real life, these situations are not at all funny. There are far too many things that can go wrong if you attempt to clean your gutters without taking necessary safety precautions. You can prevent potentially life-threatening personal injury by avoiding these common mistakes.

  • Putting convenience ahead of safety. Reaching the second level of a home to clean gutters can be extremely difficult, and generally requires the use of safety harnesses and other gutter cleaning tools. When dealing with a difficult roof, plan for safety, not convenience. Never attempt to place a stepladder on the roof of your home to reach the second level. An extension ladder is ideal for a two-story or taller structure.
  • Not having a spotter. Stepladders can be dangerous because they give a false sense of security. They’re braced against the ground, so users feel they don’t need a spotter. Regardless of the type of ladder you use, there should always be a second person to act as a spotter and hold the ladder at the bottom.
  • Overreaching. Ladders are heavy and awkward, so it can be tempting to try to reach out as far as possible when cleaning to avoid moving the ladder. Don’t overreach, lean to one side or try to move a ladder while on it. Instead, climb down and reposition the ladder closer to your work.
  • Not inspecting the ladder first. A ladder should be inspected for cracks and broken or loose hardware before use. Note the maximum load capacity or duty rating of a ladder to avoid collapse.
  • Improper footwear. When moving up and down a ladder, remember to wear clean shoes with rubber soles to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Taking the proper precautions when cleaning gutters is key to a safe and successful experience. However, for many individuals, gutter cleaning is simply too risky and physically demanding. For these homeowners, a Gutter Helmet® gutter screen installation is a very wise investment. With Gutter Helmet® to keep out leaves and other debris, you can forget about climbing ladders and risking serious personal injury. To find out more about the best gutter guards in America, call contact us.

Don’t Forget Spring Gutter Cleaning


With all the activities and home maintenance chores that come with spring, it’s easy to forget (or put off) cleaning your gutters. Don’t ignore this important task! By not checking for damage and clearing out the dirt and debris that has collected in the gutters since the last cleaning, you could be in for roofing, siding and even foundation issues in the near future.

The sole function of a gutter and downspout system is to protect your home from water damage by channeling water that drains off the roof and depositing it safely away from the house. However, when this system is compromised by clogs or other issues, water can back up and penetrate the roof, soffit, fascia and siding. Eventually this can cause rot and damage to both the exterior and interior.

Gutter experts know that regular inspection and maintenance by a professional will reduce the need for repair and replacement of a gutter system. Gutter Helmet® installers frequently encounter problems that are hidden from the view of homeowners. Because you cannot see the inside of the gutter from the ground, it’s essential to either do the work yourself or call on a trusted contractor to tackle built-up debris before the damage can happen.

A simple way to check the performance of gutters is to observe the water flow on a rainy day. If water is running over the edges of the gutter or not emptying freely from the downspouts, there is blockage in the gutters and/or downspouts that must be removed.

To solve periodic gutter cleaning tasks, we highly recommend Gutter Helmet®. After Gutter Helmet® metal gutter guards are installed on your home, it’s OK to forget spring gutter cleaning because you’ll never have to do it again! For more than 30 years, this gutter cover has protected homes from the damage that can result from clogged gutters. Call us for a free gutter protection quote, without any obligation.